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About Us


Apostolos Bolkas


Jarkko Mattila

Art Director

Petya Popovyanska

Account Director

Rumen Kirov

Creative Director

Ilyana Genova

Content Director

Kalina Linkova

Content Manager

Petya Gancheva

Content Manager

Ralitsa Stoycheva

Google AdWords executive

Tanya Alexieva

Web Designer

Lusi Filipova

Web Designer


Engage is a digital powerhouse of creatives, with extended experience in the fields of digital strategy, creativity and media planning. It’s a winning combination of strengths and assets for your business: a support from J. Walter Thompson network, highly talented people with international experience and our pure dedication.

We base our work on deep human and social insight on the way to make digital communications work towards tangible results for our clients’ brands.

  • Digital strategy for our clients is the way to win
  • Our designs and campaigns are simple, human centered, cutting-edge technology powered
  • We are in constant beta testing ideas and designs to achieve optimal efficiency for campaigns

We care for the local community as well and constantly strive to help in the best way by supporting social causes and raising the awareness of meaningful projects.

Get in touch with us to see how together we can make your business engage in the new human era.


There are people out there.